Asian women in general are some of the most beautiful and Korean women have a beauty all their own.  It is a regrettable fact that cosmetic surgery is such a trend in Korea as many Koreans try so hard to change their looks to fit a different stereotype.  By using the right makeup application tips, Korean women can stand out and be just as beautiful or even more so than women from other ethnicities.

Following is a specialized Korean Makeup tutorial.  Please not that this Korean makeup tutorial is not the all in all as far as makeup application tips go.  A lot also depends on the person themselves, the shape of their face and their hairstyle.  But these tips are a good place to start:

1. Skin Care:

It is a popular misconception in many Asian countries that to be pale white is more beautiful than other skin colors.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with white skin, trying to make yourself look ‘whiter’ than you really are will not make you look more beautiful but rather pale, washed out, or ill.

The first step is that, no matter how light or dark your skin is, you need to care for it properly.  Use a good facial wash; if you have oily skin or a problem with either pimples or acne, use a good soap or cleanser to minimize this problem.  If your skin is dry, then using a good moisturizer to protect it from the sun is advisable. Healthy, soft skin is beautiful irregardless of color.

2. Foundation:

One common mistake when it comes to foundation for Korean make up styles is to use a pink makeup.  Actually a yellow undertone would be a better choice as this brings out the eyes and cheekbones even more, which looks quite attractive.  You are not trying to hide your features or make your features more Western looking, you want to enhance what you have and show off your own special beauty.

3. Korean Eye Makeup:

Eye make up, be it mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow, is all very important. Before deciding on what color is right for you, you will need to determine how much area you have above the eyelid.  If it is moderate, then choosing blue or purple is a good idea.  If it is smaller, then choose a more neutral color such as coral.  Bronze and pastel colors are a good choice as they highlight the eyes well.

Make sure to use the right kind of brush too  – one that is 3/5 of the space between upper lash line and brow is recommended, and a crease brush is useful for those with less space on the eyelids.

Black mascara and eyeliner are also very important as they highlight the eyes.  You do not need to slather either product on; using too much is counterproductive and creates what some have called the ‘Cleopatra look’, which may not be the look you are aiming for!

4. Lipstick:

Since Korean women have fair skin, it is advisable to play up the lips and eyes; it gives a dramatic look.  What exact color looks best will also depend on whether the lips are full or smaller. If you have full lips, then use either red, peach, brown or berry and line them with a clear gloss color inside.  No matter what the size of your lips, it is important to use a color shade that closely resembles your lips’ natural color.

5. Finding Korean Makeup:

Since the Korean makeup style can be quite attractive, it is sad that it can be difficult to find Korean makeup brands abroad. It would be more convenient if supermarkets were to stock such brands and perhaps, by checking out various supermarkets, it is possible to come across a place where Korean make up is stocked, however it is a whole lot simpler to look online for Korean make up or Asian make up.  Online retailers not only offer many more products than most commercial supermarkets but also the prices are more affordable as well.  It is also easier to find what you want and compare prices online than it is to visit different shops to try to do the same.

One good place to check out is  This site offers many different kinds of makeup, not only Korean make up but others as well. Keep in mind, however, that you do not need to buy Korean make up to put into practice the application tips given above. Using pretty much any brand of make up that is good quality will work as long as you apply it correctly.  if you have sensitive skin you will need to be sure to find a foundation that will not aggravate it or cause pimples.  There are many specialized foundations in all colors for those with skin problems and they do not cost much more than regular foundation.

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